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One thing I’ve always done is follow my dreams!!!  One of my biggest dreams is to have my own fashion empire.  Fashion is so much more than clothes and accessories. Fashion is our own unique and individual statement that says much more about who we are before we even say a word.  Whether our fashion sense makes us a victim of trends or a pioneer ahead of the times, is up to us, our tastes, our budgets and our choices.

As a little girl, I dreamed of owning my own fashion boutique.  Growing up, I enjoyed looking at beautiful clothes and accessories, especially those that were hand-made.  I envisioned myself as a fabulous designer or top model.  I took a different route, however, and instead studied law and accounting in college.  Until now, I have fulfilled my love of fashion by modeling part-time. While I enjoy the intellectually stimulating rewards and challenges of being an attorney and  accountant, I absolutely love the exhilaration of nurturing my creative spirit with fashion indulgence!!!!! 

In September 2004, I took a long vacation to Capetown, South Africa, where Miatta-MiMi and Boutique Mix were born!!!!!  As I lay on the beach sipping cocktails and designing my first bracelet, I realized “this is what I should be doing.”  I spent most of my vacation making jewelry, gift-baskets, shopping for unique items and writing up my business plan - drawing from years of hoping, dreaming and following fashion.  I am a huge fan of all things hand-made, and Boutique Mix carries both hand-made and non-handmade unique items from around the world. 

I am blessed with the good fortune of combining my great love of travel with my passion for fashion.  Each time I travel I personally select items for Boutique Mix that showcase the culture, creativity and style of local and international designers around the world.  I make my own jewelry under the Miatta-MiMi label.  Each Miatta-MiMi design piece has its own unique story, and is made from beads and other accessories hand-picked during my travels.  My fashion style can be described at best as bold, funky, colorful and sassy.  Miatta-MiMi reflects that bold, sassy, funky, eclectic and fabulous look that screams "I am ME"!!! 

My goal with Boutique Mix is to offer fashion-savvy women, children and men a wonderful, fabulous and diverse collection of items for every budget.  From the discerning budget-conscious shopper to the sophisticated and worldly up-market buyer, I offer something for everyone.  I am fascinated by and enjoy learning about different cultures - Boutique Mix reflects my diverse interests, styles and tastes.  It is an Ethnik Chik Kollection that complements everyone and offers high quality and elegance.  Over time Boutique Mix's inventory will grow to include many more emerging designers and cutting-edge fashion.  I am always looking for new items that will enhance the Kollection and I look forward to sharing these with you soon.

Boutique Mix is your one stop fashion locale – an international excursion with no visa or passport required.  I bring everything right to your computer.  You’re only a mouse click away from looking fabulous.  I hope that your shopping experience with Boutique Mix brings you as much joy as I get from selecting these pieces for you!!!!!! 

Thank you so much for your business!!!  I love hearing from all of you so please contact me at boutique-mix@hotmail.com if you have any questions, concerns or comments!!!

Enjoy!!!!!   MiMi

Charity - 5% of all profits go to Charity.  Growing up in Sierra Leone, West Africa, the daughter of two brilliant educators, I was taught the value of an education at a young age.  Today, Sierra Leone have been devastated has been destroyed by a violent civil war, funded in part by blood diamonds.  My goal is to do my little part in encouraging the children in Sierra Leone to believe in themselves and the great things they can accomplish against all odds.  Giving them hope that they will grow up to make a difference in their lives, their community and their country.  5% of all Boutique Mix profits towards rebuilding Sierra Leone by providing school supplies and other neccessities to needy children, and sponsoring children around the World through Plan USA, Children International and The Christian Children's Fund.  Boutique Mix is also proud to participate in the Kiva Program, helping to provide entrepreneurs in developing countries the "seed money" to enrich their lives and provide for their families. 


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