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Hand Crafted Jewelry by Miatta-MiMi and [hand-crafted pieces from around the Globe] - This is only a very small sample of Boutique Mix Jewelry. Look for the full lines later. Stay Tuned!!!


J2 $125 One of a Kind Unique Necklace. Add some color to your life. Whimsical and Intricate design. Hand-crafted and hand-painted in Barcelona.

J1 $50 Handmade in India. Exotic Multi-strand bone and necklace set. Stand out!

J1A $45 Hand-crafted in India

J2A $44/pair. Designed and hand-painted in Barcelona.

J3 $45 Hand-crafted in India. Two-Strand bone necklace and earring set

J3A $20

J4 $55 Miatta-MiMi Designs

J6 $45 Hand-crafted in India

J5 $25/each Crafted in India. Beautiful Resin Bangles Each Bangle has its own unique self design. 2 1/2" long.

J7 $18 each. Crafted in India. Resin Bangles

J7A $65 per set of 4(prices may vary based on size if sold individually) Hand crafted in India. Classic Brown Wood and Bone bangles set. Also available in light brown.

J8 $45 Hand-crafted in India. Vibrant Bone Necklace and Earring Set

J9 $45 Hand-crafted in India. Diamond-shaped bone bead necklace and earring set

J10 $45 Hand crafted in India

J12 $45 Hand-crafted in India. Intricate brown bone necklace and earring set

J11 $50 Hand-Crafted, Flat and Oval Turquoise Elegant Necklace and Earring Set. 16". Earring: 1.5" Drop.

J13 $65 - $75 Miatta-MiMi Designs

J14 $12/each Crafted in India. Elegant Bone and Horn Painted Wood bangles

J15 $85 Hand Crafted Turquoise Delight. Necklace, Earrings and Stretch Bracelet

J16 $55 Hand-crafted in Barcelona

J17 $80. Colorful Wood Beads. Hand-crafted in Barcelona.

J18 $30 Hand-crafted in India

J19 Miatta-MiMi Designs

J20 $55 - $65 Miatta-MiMi Designs

J21 $55 - $65 Miatta-MiMi Designs

SOLD. J22 $185 Miatta-MiMi Designs

ON HOLD. J23 $135 Miatta-MiMi Designs

J24 $160 Miatta-MiMi Designs. SOLD

J25 $35 Hand crafted in India

J26 Miatta-MiMi Designs

$85 Zebra Diva. Designed and hand -crafted in Capetown. Necklace, Cuff Bracelet and Earring Set.