Jewelry 2

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Be Adorned!!

J28 - $32 Hand-made Black Horn Amber Stunner. Unique round design for an elegant look. 1.5" wide, elastic.

J29  - $30 Hammershell and Blacklip Elegance.  Hand-made, Beautiful, long, double beaded strand with a rectangle-shaped blacklip pendant accented with small hanging hammershell squares. 22 inches.

J31 - $13 Tigershell Teardrops.  Hand-made, Teardrop shape tigershell accented with colored beads. Dimensions: 1.4x.8 Earring - Nickel Free- Hypoallergenic.  Be Unique!!!

J33 - $12 Hand-made, Sassy Tiger Eclipse Earrings. Stand out!!!

J35 - $18/each. Floral Resin Arm Candy.  Why not stack em high?  Delicate floral scrollwork captured in resin. Colors shift subtly with movement.  Fits wrists up to 7 1/2”.


J39 - $15 Wooden Divas.  100% Coconut Wood, Hand-made, One size fits all, Height: 1 1/2 in.

J30 - $13 Hammershell Leaves Beauty. Hand-made, Unique leaf design with a dark brown shade of outer shell inlaid onto the white shell. Dimensions: 1.4 x 1.2 Earring - Nickel Free- Hypoallergenic

J32 - $30.  Five-Shell Tiger Stunner.  Hand-made, Gorgeous tear drop design in creams and browns to lay just right on the neckline. Dimensions: 16 Inches.  Your neck has never looked so good!!!

J34 - $3/each.  Colorful Diva. Wear individually or stack up high!!

J36 - $15/each.  Acqua Go Wild!!.   Hand-made, stretchable, One Size, Acrylic, Height: 1 2/3 in.

J37 - $30-$35/each.  Chicas under the Sea.

J36 - $15/each.  Blue Go Wild!!.   Hand-made, stretchable, One Size, Acrylic, Height: 1 2/3 in.

J40 - $15 Navy Yema Braclet.  Hand-crafted, stretchable, natural wood, width: 2 1/4 in.